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What We Do With Sailboats

We are happy to deliver your vessel on its hull under sail or motor from its location to your destination. 


Let's take your vessel for its first sail or passage to see how she functions and performs. We are happy to help you get to

know your boat and how she works. 

We are happy to introduce you to sailing, boat maintenance, navigation, cruising and all that boat life has to offer.

Delivery tracks
36' S2
Battery installation
Mast check
Jib repair

How Does It Work?

Send us an email at

Include your name, type/year/condition of vessel, equipment, what services you are in need of? 

Did you buy a sailboat and don't have time to sail her home?

Do you want your sailboat in the islands for the winter, yet don't want to make the passage?

Did you buy a new to you sailboat and need assistance becoming more familiar with her systems and how she sails?

Do you want to brush up on some sailing skills for a day or a couple of days passage?

Do you need a Captain and crew to assist your passage?

All of these things and more, we can help you with. Just let us know what you need, locations and desired dates as well in the email. 

We will be in contact as soon as possible. If we are offshore, the response time may be a bit slower.

Delivery complete
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